Hey there, my name is Chris and I am a public technologist from Southern California. I help water managers and other public servants to plan and make more informed decisions under uncertainty by taking full advantage of the many data resources available to public agencies. My work involves a combination of creative data integration, data system engineering, applied R&D, and decision support tool development.

During the day I work with ARGO Labs where I serve as project manager for the California Data Collaborative. This involves the design and management of data infrastructure to support our member utilities by ingesting, processing, and analyzing water use data from millions of Californians. On the side I work as an independent consultant for water districts where I design big data solutions for handling large volumes of AMI data and advise utility staff on data analytic strategy. Please see my Portfolio page for details on previous projects I have been involved in.

I received my M.S. in Urban Informatics from the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress and my B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from CSU Channel Islands. My first few jobs were in academia and I like to stay connected to science by conducting applied research on problems in natural resource management. You can see links to this work on my Publications page.