Open Water Rates

As part of the California Data Collaborative I helped develop a variety of tools to make water rates easier for analysts, programmers and researchers to work with.

Open Water Rate Specification (OWRS)

OWRS is a a machine-readable format for specifying and sharing water rate information. It is designed for analysts, researchers, and software developers interested in analyzing water rates. OWRS attempts to fully encode a water utility’s rate structure and pricing schedules in a form that is easy to store, share, modify and apply programmatically.


RateParser is an R package that interprets OWRS files and calculates water bills from water use data.


RateComparison is a software program (written in R Shiny) that compares the revenue, equity, and demand implications of different water rate structures. Calculations are powered by RateParser.

See a demo.

Cal-Nevada Water Rate Survey

The California Data Collaborative has partnered with the California-Nevada section of the American Water Works Association for their 2017 bi-annual water rate survey. The survey is in progress with results being stored in the OWRS format for analysis that will begin soon.