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How Much Water Does Turf Removal Save?

August 14, 2016

Conference paper talk, KDD 2016: Workshop on Data Science for Food, Energy and Water, San Francisco, CA

Presented on behalf of my coauthors to talk about our conference paper on estimating the water savings attributable to turf removal programs. The workshop was an eclectic mix of topics, mainly from agriculture and water resources. The ag presence was heavy with a large showing from Iowa State and Purdue, likely because these were the institutions of the keynote speakers.

Web-Based Visualization and Prediction of Urban Energy Use from Building Benchmarking Data

September 28, 2015

Conference paper presentation, Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2015, New York, NY

Co-presented with my advisor to talk about our conference paper. Since we won the ‘Best Paper’ award, we also got to present the next day at Strata Hadoop World. This was quite fun, and we were set up in the middle of the Expo hall with a large screen. At the last second my advisor got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it so I had to completely ‘wing’ his portion of the talk. I pulled it off but it was definitely a bit more exciting than I had planned!


November 19, 2011

Conference talk, Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research, Walnut, CA

Presented my capstone project for my B.S. in Computer Science: “MindSoccer” which was a project to navigate robotic vehicles using a brain-computer interface. This was my very first conference presentation so I was understandably nervous, but the crowd enjoyed our presentation and the accompanying demonstration with the vehicles and headsets.